What is a certified Ferme Découverte (Farm Exploration)?
Tour the farm with the farmer for an experience that’s both fun and educational.
In addition to this definition, a certified Ferme Découverte (Farm Exploration) is first and foremost a label of quality or a brand name awarded by the Association de l’Agrotourisme et du Tourisme Gourmand du Québec (formerly the Fédération des Agricotours du Québec) to agricultural producers who offer a program of entertainment and education on their farm. This label of quality is granted to the best agritourism farms in Québec specializing in recreational and educational farm visits. More specifically, to obtain certification, the agricultural producer must meet strict standards for high quality on a continuing basis, and also respect the promise given to our customers.
Fermes Découvertes (Farm Explorations) will welcome you as a group or as a family for an outing or an educational experience so that you can discover the delightful world of farming. You’ll be able to hear, touch, look at, feel and sometimes even taste the farm products, because several of them are also certified Relais du Terroir (Farm Shops).
You’ll find out all about the life of bees and the world of flightless birds like the emu and ostrich; you’ll discover red deer, the Canadian horse, angora goats, rabbits in their hutches, and all there is to know about cheese-making, growing pumpkins, special ways of using the land, gardens filled with rare plants, and more.  You’ll also be able to see the processing equipment used to make beer, honey, cider, etc.
Besides all this, farms certified as Fermes Découverte (Farm Explorations) are the most varied:  become a farmer for a day, feed the animals, wind mohair wool on a bobbin, help the goatherd feed the angora goats, groom the horses, watch the steps in processing mohair wool, explore the fields in a horse-drawn cart, or visit a carding and spinning workshop. Many of the programs for visits are specially adapted for school groups.  
Visit our certified Fermes Découvertes (Farm Explorations) to discover the diversity of Québec farms and the originality of each producer – and have fun at the same time!

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