What is a certified Table ChampêtreTM (Country-style Dining establishment)?
Meals served in the farmhouse dining room or in an outbuilding
In addition to this definition, a certified Table Champêtre (Country-style Dining establishment) is first and foremost a label of quality or a brand name that only agricultural producers who offer food service on their farms and who are certified by the Association de l’Agrotourisme et du Tourisme Gourmand du Québec (formerly the Fédération des Agricotours du Québec) have the right to use. This label of quality is granted to the establishments that serve the best farmhouse or country-style meals in Québec. More specifically, to have the right to use the name Table Champêtre (Country-style Dining establishment), the agricultural producer must meet strict standards for high quality on a continuing basis, and also respect the promise given to our customers.
The hosts at Tables Champêtres (Country-style Dining establishments) will offer you advice on how best to discover and enjoy their delicious farm and regional products. And what could be more pleasurable than sharing in the passion of these producers by taking a tour of their farm? Here’s a great opportunity to experience agritourism at its best!
Each farm has its own particular products, and each Table Champêtre (Country-style Dining establishment) has its own food specialties.  Whether it’s a selection of delicious Québec cheeses, a smooth chicken-, goose- or duck-liver mousse, a delicious venison terrine made with port, an astonishingly velvety cream soup made from pears and maple-flavoured parsnips, a thick slice of sautéed foie gras, some intriguing smoked ostrich, a tender duck breast, the delights of a duck preserve, rabbit cooked in apple cider, a medallion of venison or roast leg of kid goat, a stuffed pocket of smoked trout, finely chopped trout tartare, the tastiest of guinea fowl served with cranberries, an extravagant raspberry tart glazed with maple syrup, a divine soufflé drizzled with maple syrup and topped with berries… the idea of getting together here with friends and family, surrounded by such wonderfully appetizing dishes, all enveloped in the warmest and friendliest of atmospheres, is extremely seductive!
Please note
Your meal will consist of several courses and the elegant dishes you will be served are cooked on the premises by your hosts. So a meal at a Tables Champêtre (Country-style Dining establishment) is by reservation only. At most Tables Champêtres (Country-style Dining establishments), you may bring your own wine.
For your gourmet getaway in the beautiful countryside of Québec, certified Tables Champêtres (Country-style Dining establishments) are by far the best places for brunch, lunch or dinner.
on the farm; most of the food products served come from the farm itself. Some farms offer guided tour and activities.

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