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2012 Prizes for Excellence

On May 27, the Association de l’Agrotourisme et du Tourisme Gourmand unveiled the names of the winners of its Prizes for Excellence. The “People’s Special Favourites” category honoured 14 establishment owners across the province who were recognized for the remarkable manner in which they welcome and serve their clientele. The winners in this provincial category were chosen by a jury composed of consumers who evaluated the stay evaluation sheets completed by guests. The category “Québec Regional and Terroir Product Development” honoured 3 owners who were recognized for their remarkable efforts in developing a high quality offer. The winners in this provincial category were chosen by the publishing house, Ulysses Travel Guides.

Winners to the Prizes for Excellence the Association de l'Agrotourisme et du Tourisme Gourmand

Looking for the best places for sampling regional cuisine or purchasing Quebec terroir products? 
Whether you’re planning a gourmet outing, a visit to a farm or your vacation, the network of certified Tables et Relais du TerroirTM (Terroir Cuisine and Farm Shops) in Quebec, Canada makes it really easy! Tables et Relais du Terroir.com offers you a choice of over 145 restaurants and agritourism farms spread throughout all the tourist regions in Québec. Whether you’re looking for excellent restaurants in which regional cuisine and products head the menu, or the best agritourism farms from which to purchase terroir products, or you just wish to spend a few enjoyable hours in the country, all the establishments listed on this site have been have been selected to answer our promise.
Our Promise
"Certified Tables et Relais du Terroirtm are carefully selected as those establishments offering the highest quality. The commitment of their owners to promoting the Québec terroir and its products sets them apart.  At these establishments, certified by the Association de l’Agrotourisme et du Tourisme Gourmand du Québec (formerly the Fédération des Agricotours du Québec), meet the very best ambassadors to introduce you to all the riches that the Québec terroir has to offer or enjoy a wonderful local taste experience!"
Ready to try a different type of cuisine, or a restaurant in which all the flavours of Québec are on the menu? A certified Table aux Saveurs du Terroir (Terroir Cuisine) invites you in for a culinary adventure that highlights the particular cuisine of the region, while at a certified Table Champêtre (Country-style Dining) you’ll discover dishes made with products straight from the farm. Two new concepts for quality food service that will allow you to discover both the flavours of the Québec products and our very own ways for serving them.  
Looking for Québec terroir products such as wines, cheeses, ciders, honey products, spreads, maple sugar, potted meats, foie gras, hand-made soaps, etc.? Why not make a stop at a certified Relais du Terroir (Farm Shop)? Here you can purchase authentic farm products and at the same time, share our agricultural producers’ passion for farming. If you’d enjoy a few hours of fun on the farm, then select a recreational or an educational visit from among the certified Fermes Découverte (Farm Explorations).  Two farm visit concepts for experiencing agri-tourism at its best!  
Finally, why not make your getaway really special with a night in a Bed & Breakfast or country inn typical of the region? The section called Certified Gîtes et Auberges du Passant (Bed & Breakfasts and Country Inns) offers a selection of 363 lodging establishments right across Québec. A delightful extra option for those who adore regional “flavours”.


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Verger Pedneault, Charlevoix
Restaurant Aix Cuisine du Terroir
Aux Champs D'Élisé, Montérégie
Auberge la Montagne Coupée, Lanaudière
La Maison William Wakeham, Gaspésie